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Naomi Mitsuda is the founder of Open To Joy and has been working as a Healing Arts Practitioner and Teacher for over 10 years. Naomi supports others in connecting to their inner wisdom, truth and joy and in making life-affirming choices. Reach out to Naomi to schedule a session or class and take the next step on your healing journey.



It was both a pleasure and honor to work with Naomi. She has a very fun, fluid teaching style that kept me looking forward to every class. She is a natural teacher with a wealth of knowledge, not just with Reiki, but all types of energy work. She not only empowered me with tools to heal and grow, but also helped me become confident in my abilities to teach others Reiki. She gave me powerful, practical tools that I now use in my everyday life! I’m very grateful I had the chance to work with her!
— Stacie Lesneski, Designer
Naomi’s Reiki mastery training was completely life-changing. She created a safe, trustworthy space that allowed me to access my vulnerabilities and release stagnant energy which helped me to open myself fully to the divine life force. Naomi went above and beyond in cultivating a training that was tailored specifically to meet my needs emotionally and spiritually. She has so much knowledge and experience that every session I learned something completely new. I will recommend her again and again!
— Tory Stickney, Mental Health Counselor
Naomi Mitsuda brings a kind, supportive and healing presence into her powerful Emotional Freedom Technique sessions. Her perceptive mind helps get to the core of the issue, and her gentle manner guides the healing. Her extensive training in energy work and body-centered expressive therapy add another dimension to her work, so that you leave feeling energized, cared for and whole in body, mind and spirit.
— Kathy Montan, Counselor/Healer